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What is SOS Holidays?

It is the solution that adapts to every pocket and that offers the same advantages:
Being able to go on holidays every year without spending money in expensive rents and at the same time becoming a home owner.

Every time is more complicated to go on vacation since the seasonal rents and hotels are more and more expensive. The solution to this problem would be buying a property, a vacation home. However, this is only within the reach of a few.

From 4,000 Euros you can become a home owner. Buy a part of the property you want and enjoy it during the period that you have selected. These periods are divided in weeks, which is the average time people go on holiday. Invest a little amount of money and enjoy the same advantages.

As well as enjoying the advantages of property ownership by going every year on holiday, the expenses will be divided amongst the other property owners and SOS Holidays, which will pay its corresponding part (SOS Holidays will be owner of a percentage of the property). You will spend very little to go on holiday every year!

You will become a real home owner of the property you desire. A contract will be signed in the presence of notary in which you will be transferred a percentage of the property and start enjoying all the advantages. Moreover, your investment will be fully secured, and you will be able to sell your percentage of the property whenever you want and you will have the security of being yourself a property owner.

Save money

Stop spending your money in expensive holiday rents. You will always be able to recover your initial investment.

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Find your ideal property

Look between all of SOS Holidays' properties in Costa Brava to come and enjoy your holidays.

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You will have total security

Your property contract will be signed in front of a notary and your money will be insured and guaranteed.

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